"The smoldering Beck was warming up to a tryst just inches from my seat, and goosebumps perhaps betrayed by own human weakness - but more likely showed how her sublime acting and that cozy venue were a perfect match"   - Telly Halkias, Bennington Banner
"The evening's most seductive and memorable performance, Hannah Beck is a lithe and potent force on stage" -
"Hannah Beck in particular is fantastic"  - Mitch Montgomery, Backstage
"The acting in this play is superb top to bottom, and I would be remiss if I didn't single out the sisters themselves. Vukovic, Beck and Roche absolutely grasped the cross-generational dynamics at play in Caldwell's version, taking the ...powerful female leads, and making them planets about which the rest of the cast beautifully orbited"  - Telly Halkias, Bennington Banner
"Hannah Beck as Lady Mia Wallace is lovely.         Two Huzzahs for Pulp Shakespeare, an inspired      adaptation of Tarantino's classic film Pulp Fiction."
           - Tony Frankel, Stage & Cinema
"Pulp Shakespeare is outstanding!      Hannah Beck is faultless."
              - Scene on Stage
"Special praise goes to Hannah Beck, whose Mia Wallace
was every bit as luminous as Thurman's character in the film." - The GC Advocate
"Pulp Shakespeare recreates the film's set pieces - the diner dance, pocket watch story and resuscitation scene - with flair. The cast clicked. Pulp Fiction fans will love it. - Fern Siegel, Huffington Post
"In the superbly acted Pulp Shakespeare, what really gives the material its irresistible charm is the commitment and charisma of the cast."  - Ethan Kanfer, California Literary Review
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